4" Porcelain Pinch Bowl
Hand Painted Mandala
1 1/2" Magnets

About Me


Many years ago I discovered my love of clay quite by accident.  In 1992 I had given birth to my first son Jake and was taking a break from my job as a photographer and photo lab tech to raise him.  I saw an ad for pottery classes and thought it would be a great outlet for me.  That was over 22 years ago and 2 more children.  Along my journey I met and learned all I know from Jean Mann (see page about Jean) who owned and operated The Kick Wheel Pottery Studio in New Fairfield CT.  I stayed on the wheel even when I could barely reach around my pregnant tummy.  I just HAD to throw clay.

Now, I have my studio in my home  As a mom of 3,  is the only practical way to work.  My children have all grown up around clay and with the appreciation of the arts.  I loved sharing the creative process with them, great fun just rolling up the sleeves and making a mess with them.   My youngest, Zack, is my official 'studio assistant'.  Of course he wants a cut of the profits, he is a tough negotiator.  

 I always knew a time would come when I would follow in Jean Mann's footsteps and begin teaching classes. 


A little background

My degree is in photography which I still enjoy  but pottery has my heart.  I have worked for Powhatan Chamber of Commerce as  Marketing Director, Inlight Yoga Studio as Studio Manager/ Marketing Director and VA Dealer Magazine as one of the Graphic Designers.  I very much enjoyed each of these positions mostly for the people I worked with, but the work did not fulfill me.  I keep coming back to my wheel and then I am happy. 

I do yoga, love movies and music, adore children and animals.  I am  passionate about a lot ,especially about things close to my heart such as my family, my friends, Autism Awareness, Human Equality, Fibromyalgia Awareness, my Irish heritage  and my faith in Jesus.  



My crazy minions!!!!
The Queen!
Our rescue pups!
Zack wedging clay
11" Pierced Bowl
Before and After

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