In Honor Jean Mann 

Artist * Mentor * Friend


I met Jean around 1994.  I was not happy where I was taking pottery lessons and my mother told me about Jean.  She had a studio in our town and she was supposed  to be amazing.  The pottery family I became part of in Jeans studio, The Kick Wheel, saw me threw some very difficult & some very joyous times.  I studied and practiced with Jean until we moved from Connecticut to Virginia in 2004.  I have to say leaving Jean and all my pottery buddies was one of the few things I regretted about moving south.  Jean and I kept in touch.  She called me to make sure I was continuing my pottery and keep me up on her life and all the friends at the studio.  I of course would call her when something went wrong in the kiln or studio so she could help me figure it all out.    Jean's own works were shown on a regular basis in shows all over NY & CT. 

Below are the Museums that now own some of her works:

Metropolitan Museum of Art (Twentieth Century Dept.), New York, NY - 1 porcelain
Smithsonian Institute (History & Technology), Washington, DC - 2 porcelains
Yale University Art Museum (American Decorative Arts & Asian Dpt.'s), New Haven, CT - 10 porcelains
Museum of Art & Archeology, University of Missouri @ Columbia - 1 porcelain
Museum Haartz Ceramics Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel - 1 porcelain
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Non-Violent Social Change, Atlanta, GA - 1 porcelain
Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY - 1 porcelain
Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT - 1 porcelain
Schenectady Museum, Schenectady, NY - 1 porcelain
Hammond Museum, North Salem, NY - 1 porcelain
New Fairfield Historical Society, New Fairfield, CT - 1 porcelain
Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport, CT - 1 porcelain

Who's Who in American Art, 2009 to present


Very Impressive!  So was watching her throw.  Jean threw only porcelain and only on a kick wheel.  She always made it look effortless!  

Jean was many things in her life but mostly she was my friend.  I am dedicating this page to her. She taught me all I know of pottery and the love of good porcelain.   We lost Jean on August 30, 2013, a sad  day indeed.  

Jean Mann was an amazing person, her website is still up take a look.